5 Reasons Why Evaporative Air Conditioning Is More Awesome Than Air Conditioning

Evaporative air cooler is the most efficient natural cooling by evaporation of ar. Evaporative cooling works on the principle of absorption of heat by the evaporation of moisture. This also happens to human skin, the body sweats and cools the temperature. This process is the same as you feel colder when the wind blows from the sea.

Evaporative air cooler result in an active cooling. Fresh outside air filtered through saturated evaporation media, cooled by evaporation, and circulated by blowers.

An evaporative cooler is a household appliance that has long been known and first used, even older than air conditioning. This is called the best evaporative cooler in the Middle East. The evaporative cooling frame is So simple. Ar from the bottom pan of the unit is pumped up and allowed to flow swiftly over the cooling pads of the evaporator from the cooling place, evenly distributed with the pads. … Read More