The term “shocking” is used in conjunction with a well when the time has come that it must be sterilized to kill off any dangerous or deadly bacteria which has accumulated within the water itself. This bacteria could actually include E.Coli or coliform. Thus, it is incredibly important that the procedure be done correctly. Here is a breakdown on how well shocking new york
should be done, according to the experts.

  1. Contact the manufacturer of the well or the local health board to determine the exact amount of chlorine bleach to be mixed into the well water. This will vary by the depth of the well. There are also online resources that can provide this information but make to get the information from a reputable website run by a government agency. The amount of bleach that is recommended should be mixed with about 10 gallons of water. This will then be poured into the well. Keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to ensure the entire water system is disinfected not just the well itself. To do this, make sure to run all of the various components of the water system before dumping the bleach solution in so that any remaining sediment or corroded material is churned free.
  2. After the solution is well-mixed, it is time to dump it into the well. Remove the cap from the well and pour it into the well itself. Let the bleach solution settle into the cracks and crevices of the well and all other parts of the well for a minimum of three hours. Install a hose and make sure to wash down the well casing so that it too is disinfected. After this is completed, let the chlorinated water stand in the well for a period of no less than 24 hours. During this time, the entire water system should be considered off limits.
Procedural Instructions On How To Shock A Well